Registration Open for November 22,23,24

119 Beverly Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29609, United States


Join our Gaming Community! BYB Gaming Convention in Greenville

Warhammer 40k Events

ITC Grand Tournament-128 players 9am-8pm Saturday 9 am-4pm Sunday

Armies are constructed using ITC ruleset.    Three color minimum (primer is a color)

5 rounds, 3 hrs/rd,  9am - 8pm Saturday, 9am-4pm on Sunday.  Bring 6 copies of your list.  Register on BCP.

Best Coast Pairings

Team Tournament 10m-8 pm Friday

Similar to the ATC format with 3 players.   Team captains will decide match ups for each of the 3 person, 2000 pt armies.  3 color min, 3 rounds, 3 hrs/rd.  Event start 10am on Friday.  

Kidhammer 10am - 6pm Saturday

Come  and join our first Kidhammer event.  Players must by 15 years or  younger by the May 1, 2019.  Players will play 3 rounds of 1500 points.   ITC rules apply.