Registration Open for November 22,23,24

119 Beverly Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29609, United States


Join our Gaming Community! BYB Gaming Convention in Greenville


Come to our 256 person Warhammer 40k Event.  Located at 119 Beverly Rd, Greenville, SC  The Shriner Event Lodge.

The Barnyard Brawl Warhammer 40k ITC Event

Warhammer 40k ITC Event


Come and play in our 256 player warhammer 40k event.  Win a ticket to the Las Vegas Open or Adepticon!  Bring your friends and help us hit the 256 limit.  If we have 256 registered players we will also throw in a FREE plane ticket to the event of your choice!

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About US


Years ago, our founders attended events such at Adepticon and the Nova Open.  These were awesome events, with organizations that were to admired!  Upon returning to the upstate the simple question was why don't we have an event like this here!  Well, in 2018 we prayed to the Emperor and launched the Barnyard Brawl tournament series, it worked.  So tomorrow we game!!!

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Come and read about the latest news and events for the convention.

Barnyard Brawl Gaming Convention

From our humble beginnings in April 2018 at the Knights of Siena Fencing Academy in Greenville SC, 80, Warhammer 40k players have transformed the upstate gaming scene.  


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